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The Electronic Kiosk Services [EKS] markets your business using the latest technology.  The High Definition HDTV electronic platform is placed within your business and continuously displays images and information that interests your new and existing customers.  We make it as simple as operating a television. 

If you have existing display hardware we will help you market your business and find other businesses that want to advertise with you.  If you donít have existing display monitors or they are poor quality or older technology, we will install your High Definition Television [HDTV] hardware and create your advertising for both your business and other [paying] businesses.  Your display options range from a small 13 inch table display to a large 56 inch wall display or any combination of multiple displays.  We can help you determine the appropriate options, we install the hardware (if needed), we create the advertising images, and we find you other businesses to advertise with you.

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